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20 November, 2014



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Let's face it. We all are bored by birds that do not fly, feeding candy to a frog or fighting off zombies on your lawn. Why don't you try something a bit more exciting, like...I dunno...destroying the world? Too much effort? Puh-lease! All you need to do is tap your phone! You don't even need to get off the toilet. Now, if that isn't every crazy villan's dream, I don't know what is. Your evil robot rises to the top, while humanity is going the hell down! What's that? Regular robots not cool enough for you? Well, this one got freaking magnetic powers! Tap your screen to switch polarity and avoid obstacles in an ever accelerating danger zone and see how fit you are for world domination.


Magnetoid the predecessor of Magnetoid HD was a little success on mobile phones. Gamestick approached us to port the game for their console. "Hell yeah!" somebody wants our game but wait. The console is for HD screens and that means higher resolution and landscape screen format. Great! Now we hava space for 2 players and a reason to redo all the graphics. Oh, we need to update the GUI and do some bugfixing. Maybe we could clean up the code... or better rewrite all of it...


  • Magnetic powers
  • Multiplayer
  • couch co-op
  • Revamped pixel art graphics
  • Sound by Awww Design


Trailer YouTube, .mp4


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About Room 247 Studio UG

We are an independent video game development crew based in Cologne. We just published our first game.

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Magnetoid HD Credits

Guido Göbbels
Artist, Designer

Volker Zerbe
Artist, Designer

Pablo López
Artist, Animator

Jan Vogt

Roman Jungblut
Sound designer, composer

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