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13 April, 2014



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Let's face it. We all are bored by birds that do not fly, feeding candy to a frog or fighting off zombies on your lawn. Why don't you try something a bit more exciting, like...I dunno...destroying the world? Too much effort? Puh-lease! All you need to do is tap your phone! You don't even need to get off the toilet. Now, if that isn't every crazy villan's dream, I don't know what is. Your evil robot rises to the top, while humanity is going the hell down! What's that? Regular robots not cool enough for you? Well, this one got freaking magnetic powers! Tap your screen to switch polarity and avoid obstacles in an ever accelerating danger zone and see how fit you are for world domination.


Magnetoid started as a Room 247 Studio internal game jam. We are a new small company and we wanted to test our workflow and our new team before starting our big project with the code-name "Magnet-O-Bro". We didn't plan a result out of this jam but after 2 Weeks we had a nice working prototype which was actually fun to play. Volker, one of our graphic artists, was really hooked and couldn't stop playing. In the third week we decided to go the full length and work on this game until we had a stable release build. It is our first project as an Indie Developer Team and a present for the mobile gamer. It is not perfect and we already have a ton of ideas to improve it. But since our big game MAGNET-O-BRO is now getting more attention, we need to see when we can take care about little Magnetoid. Maybe SUPER Magnetoid is something for the future... So far, Magnetoid has been featured on Indiestatik.com, Playandroid.com and many more (See additional links section below for all press features).


  • Magnetic powers
  • Revamped pixel art graphics
  • Sound by Awww Design
  • One bro of the Magnet-o-bros
  • Achievements (I know, right?)


Trailer YouTube, .mp4


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (2MB)

download logo files as .zip (1MB)

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Development blog
Check how we did it room247studio.com.

Release Blog Post
The blog-post through which this game was released is available at room247studio.com.

Press Features
"If Magnetoid is any indication of their talent for simple, clean fun, I'd definitely recommend checking them out!" indiestatik.com.

"A gift for highscore-lovers and casual gamers alike." playandroid.com.

"Ya estáis tardando en echarle el guante." elpixelilustre.com.

"WARNING: Moments of meditative focus can lead to sensory climax." honestandroidgames.com.

"How far do you think you can stay alive?" supergamedroid.com.

"Schließlich kann man solche in-Game-Ansagen wie "You tap like a cow!" doch nicht auf sich sitzen lassen." fettspielen.de.

About Room 247 Studio UG

We are an independent video game development crew based in Cologne. We just published our first game.

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Magnetoid Credits

Guido Göbbels
Artist, Designer

Volker Zerbe
Artist, Designer

Pablo López
Artist, Animator

Jan Vogt

Vagen Ayrapetyan

Roman Jungblut
Sound designer, composer

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